Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Custom Storage Jars

Starch and Sucrose: My kitchen-nerd is a closet chemist.

     I've been seeing labeled storage jars all over blog-land.  When I saw these large two-gallon glass jars for a mere $7 each I knew my inner kitchen chemist would take over on labeling.

     Since I don't own one of those nifty Silhouette Machines, I did the labeling the old fashioned way- with contact paper and a craft knife.  I actually was able to use a document program on my computer to size the words, then printed them off.  Being careful to tightly layer the printed words over my contact paper, I just cut through all the layers to have my letters.

     Total Cost: 2 jars @ 7 dollars each, Wood Grain Contact paper @ Free (left overs from lining cabinets)= $14
     Total Time: 15 minutes.

     Now I'm contemplating my utensil jar with it's bare white walls.  It screams out for a matching label- I just need to find a nerdy word for "utensils".

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  1. Your jars are awesome. You did a great job on them.

  2. Great job. I don't have a Silhouette Machine either. It's nice to do things the old fashioned way sometimes!
    Thanks so much for linking up at my link party. Hope to see you Tuesday at the next link party.

  3. Your jars look great! Good idea!

  4. Found your blog from the International Delight Coffee Talk section, really digging your style!


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