Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Pinspiration Link-Up Party!

     As I'm sitting here, staring at a blank post, I realize that I've got soooo many projects going at the same time that I have no inspiration to actually get started with any of them.  So, I decided I might show you some of the projects I'm going to be tackling this next week based on the Pinterest pins that inspired them.  (You can find the back links for all of these images on my Pinterest board- link to the left!)

I saw this red dining room table and knew my fears of color were over.  I've got a Goodwill re-do to show off that demonstrates my knock-off of this FABULOUS find!

PBTeen has some of the most amazing accessories.  I know this will be perfect in my guest room year-round.

I love the lay-out of this chalkboard.  I'm determined to put a chalk-board in the classroom downstairs, but the cost is crazy outrageous.  Since this is a rental, I can't just paint the wall... come back later this month for my thrifty DIY solution!
Who'da'thunk'it?  PVC pipe makes a stylish accent piece.  I can see this not only in the odd sized nook over my fridge, but also in the bathroom closet holding my curling iron and shampoo bottles!

Drama!  Wait until you see how I take my guest bedroom from boring blah to tween-age drama with some simple popping colors!

I LURVE painted floors.  Easy to clean and simple to maintain- My laundry room is a lesser project for months from now, but this is my eventual goal!

I'm writing this on sticky notes and putting them everywhere- my bathroom window, the steering wheel, random shopping carts, under a head of cabbage in the produce aisle... I FIRMLY believe this mantra as a Fibro-Mama.

     So, that's it- this is my Pinspiration for the upcoming week.  Feel free to link up yours- I can't wait to see how others get Pinspired!

(Don't have a Pinterest account but want one?  Drop me a comment and I'll get an invite sent out to you!)


  1. Love the chalk board idea! If only I had a spot in my house to do it:(

  2. I'm using a basement wall in the classroom area- I was just lucky this place had a lot of room. I could see using the inside of a closet door if you were limited on space, though.


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