Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Pinspiration

This week's Pinspiration comes from my kids.  They are, for lack of better description, city kids.  The largest backyard we've ever had still was too small and heavily lit to allow for simple night-time fun like star watching or chasing fireflies.  I decided that since we're now out in "the country" (and they've been putting up with my remodeling and projects pretty well) I'd throw them a Full Moon party, complete with some of the joys I'd had growing up out on my parents' farm.
Nothing beats laying on an old quilt staring at the full moon on a warm summer night.

Here are some ideas for little projects I'm going to have them work on for the next month or so, until our next full moon-
Of course we'll have to catch fireflies in a jar. 

And string banners between the trees to shimmer like jewels with the setting sun.

I forsee sparklers in the older kids' future.

Lots of candle votives hanging around to provide soft light that won't detract from star watching later on.

And of course, POPSICLES!
   I'm really glad my kids have a chance to get some outdoor appreciation.  Living in rented apartments or inner city townhouses, I always regretted that my kids wouldn't know the fun of climbing a tree or following an ant back to its nest.

  I hope you're Pinspired to have some fun and enjoy these summer nights!

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  1. It is so wonderful to sit in the backyard staring at the stars. Some nights we count a half dozen shooting stars. Country living definitely has its advantages :) Love all of your Pinterest finds.


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