Monday, June 20, 2011

Yard Sale Goodies: 2

     Last week I told everyone about my trip down the Historic National Road's Annual Yard Sale.  My porch is slowly getting cleared off from all the projects I picked up while thrifting my way along (and let me tell you that my Hubby is happy as can be that he can finally walk across the porch in a reasonably straight line!)

     Since I home school my boys, I was delighted to find a globe at a small church rummage sale.

Fifty cents for a globe?  Yes, Please!
It was in AWFUL shape- the horrid brass arm and base on it were pitted and rust covered; there were sticky patches where someone had applied little flag stickers; and it was worn in spots.  However, the major geographic features were still there in good shape and I saw some nice potential in it's shabbiness. 

     I pulled off the base and arm and gave them a quick spray of my favorite oil-rubbed bronze spray paint before popping them back into place.  While they dried, I did a gentle scrub to get the ick off and touched up a few smaller spots with a marker. 

     I have a plan to put a bit of decorative tape around the equator, but I'm waiting for the craft store to have the right color tape back in stock.

     What do you think?  Not bad for fifty cents and five minutes of work.

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  1. I think that is a fantastic deal! I am actually on the lookout for one myself. What a great find!


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