Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just a Peek

  I've been painting up a storm with the basement floor- here's a sneak peek of how it's turning out:

   It's far from perfect and far from finished, but it's definitely my personality.

    You might be asking, "How can you justify painting the floor of a rental home?" or "Why did your landlord let you do that?"  The reasoning is simple-
  • The floor was leaking and needed sealing.  It wasn't bad enough to resurface the entire floor, but it was enough that something needed to be done.  
  • Option 1 for him was to re-carpet the basement.  However, since it needed to be sealed first, it just added to cost.
  • I asked if I could just paint the floor to seal it.  I'd do the labor myself if he paid for the paint.  The landlord approved of the idea and just gave me a rent reduction for the cost of paint.  
  • This is a win-win for both of us.  I got a sealed basement floor I could customize AND a rent reduction.  The landlord got a sealed basement floor for very little cost AND I paid the rent.
    This area is being dubbed the "Gamer Domain".  The plan is to move our ginormous dining room table down to this area, along with some storage shelves and use this area when we entertain.  It feels incredible to have space that we can dedicate to such a frivolous (but needed) purpose and it's great to have a landlord that's open to new ideas.


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