Friday, June 3, 2011

More Blue Than a Smurf

     I've been working on all sorts of projects this week.  Simultaneously.  It seems as if I break out the spray paint for one little project, I'll just cart out about six other projects and start spraying.  Sadly, this doesn't accomplish much besides my yard covered in drop cloths and empty cans of spray paint.

    Up ahead in the next few weeks on Rental Redux, I'll be showing off a few of the projects:
  • installing a magnetic knife storage bar
  • simple container gardening
  • refurbishing a garage sale frame into a custom art piece
  • customizing a multi-age boys' bedroom
  • and a great budget solution for concrete basement floors
  • and more...
    I've got to admit, between mowing the lawn (living next to a hay field has some challenges when it comes to your own lawn care) and trying to finish the basement floor before we start our school year next week, I've become a bit blue.  My hands are covered in little flecks of blue spray paint and my legs and arms, face and hair managed to take the brunt of the basement project's paint.  Something like this, but without the blonde hair:

     Stick around- I've got some great ideas up ahead.  Now to find a scrubby and try to find my face under the blue!

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