Monday, July 18, 2011

Curtain Solutions: Part 2

     This is the second part of a series on curtain solutions.  If you are interested, the first part DIY Curtain Solutions for Oversized Windows is here.

 Curtain Solutions for Smaller Windows

     As I've mention before, our rental home has a TON of windows. Big windows.  Regular sized windows.  Small windows.  Windows that aren't needed for light as well as windows that are the only light source in the room.  But the windows I'm showing today, are some of the smallest in the house- at 1 foot tall by 2 foot wide, they've been problematic.  To add to the problem, this window is sunken in with NO place to mount any sort of hardware for hanging a curtain.

Items needed: Fabric (or curtains), scissors, and staple gun.
      This project couldn't have been simpler.  A local home discount home decor store recently went out of business.  The already low prices got lowered into the "stupidly low" price range.  (Seriously- I bought about twenty large bags of curtains, towels, kitchenware, etc... and only spent $15 bucks!)  I picked up these curtains for a measly .25 cents a pack.  This particular style happened to have two panels per pack.
Cut the panels about 8 inches above the hem.  This leaves only one raw edge of fabric.
     Fold over the raw edge of the fabric and, using the staple gun, nail the raw edge to the ceiling.  Yes, you will be stapling UNDER the fabric.  The result is a tailored little valance that still allows light to filter into the room.
The staples are not noticeable.  (Sorry about the photo, folks- the basement is already dark and to take a photo after dark is difficult.)

Cost Breakdown:
Curtains: .25 cents
Total Cost .25 cents

Total Time:
5 minutes

     The best part of this is that I've got leftover fabric from the curtains to play with.  Come back next week to see what I do with the other parts of the curtain.

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